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We were established in late 2017, wherein our founders envisioned a better solution for the current e-commerce woes such as slow payment, hefty transaction fees, and limited payment options. We present different solutions which will make online shopping and digital payments fun, secure, and easy.

April 21, 2019 has been a momentous day for the rest of the world, and ABBC Foundation supports the celebration of the World Creativity and Innovation Day #WCID. This event, which is spearheaded by the United Nations, is being participated in by scores of organizations in their own unique ways.

ABBC accepts the invitation by the United Nations, as expressed in the #WCID page to “embrace the idea that innovation is essential for harnessing the economic potential of nations.”

world creativity innovation


May 24, 2019, ABBC Foundation has honored Zayed Humanitarian Work Day (Love and Loyalty for Zayed Giving) by funding and participating in a charity event at Shabab Al Ahli Club. Partnering with the General Department of Protective Security & Emergency and Shabab Al Ahli Club, ABBC celebrates the legacy of the late Sheikh Zayed especially in caring for the less privileged members of our society.

In celebration of Zayed Humanitarian Work Day, we took a hearty trip down memory lane and recall once more how the participants warmed our hearts as we gave back to the community for the love and support for ABBC Foundation.

Given this opportunity, we at ABBC Foundation express our utmost gratitude for your support. Many of you have been with us from the start, and we hope that more will join the ever-growing ABBC community in the coming months and years.

world creativity innovation


October 26, 2019, the ABBC Foundation team visited the Senses Residential and Daycare for Special Needs in Umm Suqeim, Dubai to participate in a charity event. The event was able to spread love and happiness to the children of determination residing at the Senses Center.

In ABBC, we motivate our staff to manifest respect, love, and humility to each and everyone because these determine not just who we are as individuals but also who we are as a company and the kind of society we want to create.

This particular event marked another unforgettable experience for our team as we spent our time with the children, supported them throughout all the activities, and expressed our compassion by making them feel precious and important, in the best way that we could.

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People all over the United Arab Emirates united as one as it commemorated the 48th UAE National Day event held on November 27, 2019, at the Dubai Police General Department of Protective Security and Emergency. Locals and expatriates joined together to celebrate this wonderful event.

The UAE National Day is deeply rooted in the memory of the citizens as it carries out the meaning of unity among the Emirati leaders and the entire community. Under the wise governance of the UAE leaders, the country continues to move toward a successful and brighter future.

The National event started with the symbolic national anthem of the UAE, followed by a welcome speech addressed to the participating local government and private sector representatives. ABBC Foundation was one of the invited private sector participants who participated in this national event.

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