What exchanges can I buy or trade ABBC Coin on?

ABBC Coin can be purchased or sold on the following cryptocurrency exchanges:

  1. BitForex
  2. CoinSuper
  3. Coinbene
  4. Bit-Z
  5. DigiFinex
  6. Bithumb Global
  7. CoinAll
  8. CoinTiger
  1. IDAX
  2. TopBTC
  4. RightBTC
  6. BTCNext
  7. BitMax
  1. DragonEX
  2. DOBI Exchange
  3. ZBG
  4. Livecoin
  5. LBank
  6. P2P B2B
  7. FCoin
  8. BitMart
How do I buy ABBC Coin?

Picking an exchange is a good strategy for reaping the benefits of the crypto industry. To be able to start purchasing ABBC Coin, you should register an account to one of our affiliated crypto exchanges (see the list above). Once you have successfully created an account, you can then proceed to buy ABBC Coin using either fiat currency or trade using cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, etc.

Where can I store my ABBC Coin?

You can register and benefit from the heavily-encrypted and enhanced Aladdin Wallet in storing your ABBC Coins. Smartphone users with Android 4.1 version and up can install the ABBC MC Wallet through the Google Play Store. For iOS users, the MC Wallet app will soon be available in the Apple Store.

What is the value of ABBC Coin?

The real-time value of ABBC Coin can be found on our homepage

What are the official social media accounts of ABBC Coin?

You can follow us to stay in touch with the latest updates and announcements via our Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, and LinkedIn channels.

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