Any visitor to this website should understand and agree to the statements mentioned below before proceeding with any action he has in mind. Any decision to buy ABBC Coin and use its corresponding services is made solely at the person’s own discretion. The website contains necessary information about the technical characteristics of ABBC Foundation’s coin project, together with the company’s other features and services.

  • By purchasing ABBC Coin, the buyer understands and acknowledges the services associated with the product. The purchase of ABBC Coin is not an investment in a common enterprise the same as the purchase of prepaid goods or services are not a form of investment. The buyer of the ABBC Coin understands and acknowledges that the purchase of the ABBC Coin is not an investment in itself and that the only use of the ABBC Coin is to be a payment protocol within the framework of the platform services.
  • The ABBC ecosystem is continuously being developed, and new services and options will be introduced later on. It is the user’s responsibility to be kept up-to-date on any relevant changes being implemented through time.
  • The buyer should anticipate that the ABBC’s growth and purchasing potential is not fixed and will vary depending on the cryptocurrency market’s bearish or bullish movement.
  • The buyer’s money was not spent on the company’s creation and the ABBC Coin production. The ABBC Coin is a real digital currency. Thus, the ABBC Coin buyers received not an «Expectation of Profits»; rather, they received an actual product — the digital asset, ABBC Coin, which can be used to access the said blockchain protocol.
  • Customers and users who use the information published on this website understand, agree, and comply with the regulations of the UAE and Belarus. We only act under the laws of the said countries, and nowhere else.
  • Before interpreting information and making decisions, users are advised to contact our customer support specialists directly.
  • We are not responsible for any actions of third parties such as exchanges, regulators, government entities, issuers of digital assets and securities, and others.
  • We do not, and will not, provide services to companies and individuals whose activities are of illegal and criminal nature.
  • ABBC prices are affected by, but not limited to the following:
    • issuers’ performance
    • success/failure of business plans
    • commodity prices
    • foreign exchange market
    • stock market and other market trends
    • natural disasters, wars, and political upheavals
    • changes in regulations
    • unforeseeable events
  • Due to the nature of blockchain and the need to verify and authorize exchanges, a certain amount of time may be needed before ABBC coin transactions are completed. While the verification is taking place, there is a possibility of the transaction to not be reflected at the individual’s crypto address, or the trade itself could be canceled. As ABBC coins are recorded electronically and are transferred over networks, there is a risk of them vanishing away during transactions.
  • When purchasing ABBC coins, there is a possibility of a third party to impersonate the coin issuer and to provide a fake cryptocurrency address to steal a certain amount of cryptocurrency from the purchaser. User’s vigilance is highly advised to ensure any potential loss is eliminated.
  • Any user of this website who proceeds with whatever action he has in mind, is aware of risks such as, but not limited to the following:
    • Cyber-attacks. There is a risk of individuals having their account details stolen and having their coins transferred without their permission.
    • Rapid change of information. The user must request for the latest information about the platform’s services. Changes in laws and taxes depending on the user’s geographical location.
  • We are not responsible for any adverse consequences of any financial, investment, tax and legal decision made based on the content on this website, including any loss of profit, which may arise directly or indirectly from the use of or reliance on such content.
  • The user must always understand that the crypto market is volatile in its very nature. Therefore, past performance/figures are not a direct guarantee of a good performance in the future.
  • Before trading and investing, the user should carefully consider his objectives, risk tolerance, financial resources, needs, his level of experience, and other circumstances.
  • The user must always seek advice from a professional advisor with extensive knowledge and experience in finance, logistics, blockchain, and/or cryptocurrency before making any trade or investment.
  • ABBC Foundation (ABBC) owns all copyrights and patents for the services and information published on this website.

Any information on the activities of any person or company on behalf of and/or under the ABBC Foundation’s domain can only be posted on this website. Please contact us regarding any discrepancies in the information provided. Also, feel free to get in touch with us about any inquiries/suggestions/complaints about the product or service.

Please do not leave any personal information other than your contact details into the feedback form. We will not be held responsible for any additional personal information posted/submitted on this website and its vulnerability to risks such as hacking, loss of information, and changes in information by illegal actions of third parties.

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